Some links I really like.

MajorGav Dartmoor based self confessed ‘Car nut and blogger at PetrolBlog’, definitely worth a read. Owns an eclectic mix of cars. Legend has it he likes tea and Hobnobs.

Diana Evans Designer of fabulous bridal and occasion accessories and jewellery for Rose Garden Accessories. Also my better half. Mummy to 2yr old. Loves cats, cars, choc and most other C words.

James Winstanley Celebrating the automotive world… by poking fun at it

Ed Callow Fantastic pictures at Car enthusiast and amateur photographer.

The smokers pack Car reviews in Ireland, caters for all sorts of cars.

John Slavin Claims to be a ‘Freelance motoring writer /student’, quite how you can be a freelance student escapes me. Good read though. Car nut that claims ‘is here to track, digest and comment on the evolution of motoring.’ Apparently.

Charlie Johnson Editor & founder of Retro and Classic Cars, and classic car enthusiast.

Peter Quality threads for petrolheads. Also runs a track day E30, top chap.

SNIFF PETROL – Richard Porter (that bloke that does stuff for Top Gear) being deeply special.

CARPERVERT – Jonny Smith – The star of Fifth Gear. It’s as if the eyes follow you round the room..


MOT test regulations

Pure gold for car modifiers in the UK

Car data and specifications

Mig welding explained plus a splendid forum.

Excellent descriptions of how things work

Clubs and Forums

Car ads, articles and great forum.

PPC forum, discussion on car tech.

Off road racing and more.

Muddy funsters with a great forum

The best circuit race club in the world.

If you love jags, join.

Profesional Institutions

Guild of motoring writers, explains how to get started.

Institute of the motor industry.

Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Institute of Mechanical Engineers – Automobile Division events

Magazines worth reading

Evo – Fast cars, drivven writers.

Octane – The best read ever, utterly beautiful

Practical Classics – The eternal font of knowledge

Practical Performace Car – Tuning for grown ups

Cool Stuff

Dianas’ sparkles, buy her stuff so she can go racing –

Worlds fastest lawnmower, briefly – Project RunningBlade

Everything you ever wanted to know about Austin Rover –

Drive a banger, save the plannet –

Cool stuff about classic cars –

New madia

Drivers Republic – Web mag for petrol heads.


LinkedIn – Profesional business network.


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